Yonder Hollow Productions TM "OLD TIMEY MUSIC SHOW" TM is totally focused on traditional "Bluegrass / Mountain Style / Old Country Music".

We encourage & promote the historical "down home" music that is the heritage & tradition of the south. We actively request that those within shoutin' distance "spread the word" 

WE WANT "MA & PA" TO COME TO "YONDER HOLLOW" TM & share their "Dulcimer & Auto Harp & Home Made Instruments & Music" with our appreciative audience. Don't be afraid - we don't expect perfection, we do expect you to share your love of this beloved tradition with us & we will share our Love with you !

We ain't foolin, we actively seek out the OLD TIMEY style music - Solo Instrumental to Full Bluegrass Bands.

We record "HD Video & CD Quality" every show & expect to eventually sell CD's & Video's & distribute Royalties with those musicians who sign on with the Yonder Hollow Music TM Label. However, you can't beat the true love & the "need to share" that these musicians have. So please help us promote this tradition - come & entertain our audience here at Yonder Hollow TM WE LOVE YOU !

The "Yonder Hollow Band TM" & "Back Holler Pickers TM"are owned & the sole property of "Yonder Hollow Productions TM". We induct (by invitation only) the finest traditional musicians into these revered institutions. These musicians can then play to audiences under this name to appreciative audiences & the the audience will know that these musicians have achieved the highest standards of traditional music performance. This is an honorary award of acknowledgment by Yonder Hollow Productions TM & is not "in any way" an affiliation or promotion of their autonomy as musicians. These performers operate independently & under their own contractual guidelines & are in no way affiliated with the Yonder Hollow Production TM company. It is their sole responsibility to operate within the Copy Write Laws & make their own agreements there in, unless other contractual arrangements have been made.